Street Art

The Balkans may not conjure up the most visually scintillating images (thanks a lot War Dogs), but I’m here to lift the veil from Eastern Europe.  The colors were one of the first things we noticed about this city.  The buildings, the walls, the textiles – the eyeshadow – was so vibrant.  First of all […]

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Paris is Always a Good Idea

If you’ve read the “About Us” section, (which I’m sure only applies to my mother) then you know that about 18 months ago I quit my budding career and went to work at a local farm to table-ish, artisan market & kitchen – The Sundry.  Some would call it a restaurant, but it’s really MORE […]

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Feed The Madison

The number one rule when it comes to dealing with me is: Feed The Madison.  If I am fed I can do and handle anything.  If I am not fed – or not fed properly – things can get dicey.  Let me explain this “not fed properly” comment.  I know there are a lot of […]

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Tirana Through Photos

I recently applied for a freelance photography job with (booking.YEAH). They are looking to increase their travel photographs of Albania and Tirana especially.  I am somewhat of an experienced photographer, so screw it, I applied.  Not to get all feministy in my second post here, but I’ve read multiple studies that talk about how […]

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It’s The Same, Only Different.

“It’s the same, only a little different,” is something Matthew and I have said to each other many times since we have landed here in our new home of Tirana, Albania.   Sure not all of the toilets have toilet seats but the principle is the same.  You sit (or hover), pee, flush.  No, the […]

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